Friday, December 19, 2008

New pic of the Flight Lite Black/White

This time around the upper actually does look like Nubuck. Now just release the mids!! and you've got me soold.

Nike WMNS Air Digs

Oh my cow... I never thought I'd EVER see these again. I LOVE THESE VBALL SHOES. Super duper nostalgic for me. there's only one problem.. these are HIGH..(oh i guess there's two problems) and they're for the LADIES. Please oh please bring em back for us doods.

Air Jordan I : Infrareds

Yes, I'm way late on these, but I have only one thing to say: These are HAWT. Period.

TS BOUNCE Commander

Lets take a break from the Kobe IV bananza... here we have the launch of the Adidas TS BOUNCE Commander.. which I suppose is a suped up version of the TS Commander? I'm going to hate on these.. they're FUGLY. Ok ok, I admit there are some really nice design elements to this shoe, I like that they've added the BOUNCE technology to a big man shoe, the medial side of the midsole/outsole is super interesting and the overall upper with the square perforations is quite nice. Now, with the large midfoot strap and the lateral outrigger... I totally understand the functionality of these elements, but how they were applied really bothers me. The midfoot strap looks to be the cop out solution.. hmm.. we need a big strap.. okay.. since its so big.. there's enough room for some branding... uugghh.. FUGLY. And with the lateral outrigger.. well.. it looks out of place. thats just an ugly shape to go with this shoe. Just when Adidas was starting to win me over with the Creator and the Commander.. they go back to these geeky techy designs. Theres a right way and a wrong way to do futuristic.. this is the wrong way.

Cool commercial though:

Kobe IV Venom Debut

Kobe will be debuting his IVs on the court tonight against DWade and the Heat. He'll be wearing this "Venom" edition.. which look quite awesome. Gotta feel for DWade who is having a great season, but is not happy with his latest Converse shoes. Lets hope Converse can turn things around for Dwayne.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kobe IV I.D.

Available on Christmas Day will be the IVs for your customization pleasures on Nike ID. There will also be a 24-day campaign where 24 designs will be selected and sold to the public. Kobe himself has also ID'd his own IVs which he will be planning to wear on the court.

Kobe Allstars

A sneak peak to what Kobe will be wearin at the all-star game.

Eric and Kobe

So here's the potential of a great interview.. but now the editing is awkward. Why are all these things so uncomfortable to watch? I hope the shoes aren't uncomfortable!

Kobe IV Official Unveiling

I'm a lil late on this, but here we go... 

Kobe and Eric Avar collaborated on this project with the goals of creating the lightest performance basketball shoe ever made in a low-cut profile, with faster response time making Kobe's cuts to the hoop that much quicker. The Kobe IV weighs in at only 11.6 ounces.. significantly lighter than the previous strongest/lightest shoe, the "Hyperdunk."

Here's some info from

The game of basketball is evolving to a quicker pace, and as basketball’s agent of change Kobe is leading the charge in breakthrough innovation. For his fourth signature shoe, he demanded a shoe that was lowcut and even lighter than the revolutionary Nike Hyperdunk (13 ounces).“When I first asked for the lightest basketball shoe Nike has ever created, particularly a low top, you could have heard a pin drop in the room,” said Bryant. “The shoe the Nike design team delivered raises the basketball footwear bar to the next level.”

Nike Performance Footwear Creative Director Eric Avar accepted the unconventional challenge to create a low cut performance basketball shoe for one of the most dynamic players in the world.

In order to create an extremely light shoe that allows Kobe to make cuts on a dime while providing stability and comfort, Avar built on the design innovation of the Nike Hyperdunk, using Flywire, a performance architecture that uses thin and very strong nylon fibers to support the foot, in the upper. He added LunarLite foam in the forefoot, the most innovative cushioning system since Nike Air, which returns energy upon every step rather than absorbing energy. He also added a Nike Zoom unit in the heel, and a full-length Phylon midsole.

“The idea to create a low cut performance shoe came from Kobe, but the evidence we needed to move forward, came from working with the Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL),” said Avar. “At the lab, we were able to review Kobe making high speed cuts in slow-motion capture video. Every frame showed that the low profile shoe allowed him to make sharper cuts, while increasing responsiveness.”

And here is the awkward webcast interview that took place on the day of the announcement:

Interesting how the concept of the outsole design came from Venom of Spiderman... and how Kobe explains the stickiness of that alien taking over the body and becoming one with the person.. and thus Kobe's need of a shoe that becomes one with the person. Too bad this interview is so awkward otherwise there were some interesting points that were made.

Flashing Lights Lights Lights

These laces are pretty darn cool. I think they could be just a lil cooler though.. the intermitted flashing of the lights seems to be too slow or something. If they could just stay on or have more of a hyper flashing effect.. I think they would give off a better effect. These laces come with a Puma shoe that they've collaborated with Solebox.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Nike Sportswear Dunk : ACG Safari Pack

Some nice lookin dunks. They gotta open up one of these Nike Sportswear stores here in Vancouver man... Nikes been droppin some killer releases for those stores.

Air Jordan 2009 : Sample Update

Some more pics of the Jordan 2009 have surfaced, this time its a black and gold colourway. I think it still needs some work! Well.. if Nike switched it up last minute on the Lebron VIs and made that shoe into a hit, I'm sure Jordan Brand will be just as capable of doing the same. Who's working on these anyway?!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Golden Nuggets

Alright, so a lil while ago I made a post about Adidas f*ckin up.. being late on gettin Billups the colours he deserves.. the pistons colourway of the TS Creators just doesn't work with the Nuggets Jersey! Welp, not only did they fix that and give him a really nice lookin white with light blue and golden yellow accents TS Creator, they also released an ultra limited Thanksgiving Day GOLDEN pair of TS Creators. The story behind these is that Billups is a Colorado native having gone to the University of Colorado. The gold comes from the school's colours and the shoes also have "Go Buffs" on the medial collar along with "CB" (Billup's initials) done in a college styled font on the lateral collar and lastly his nickname "Mr. Big Shot" in a script font.

11 pairs of these golden creators were autographed and auctioned off on All the proceeds going to the Porter-Billups Leaedership Academy.