Friday, August 15, 2008

Dwight Howard's shoes are wack.

Aight, check this pic out. If you've been following the USA men's basketball team at Beijing, you've probably noticed that 11 of the 12 players are sponsored by Nike or some form of Nike (D-Wade is with Converse). So who's left out? Non other than SuperMan... aka Dwight Howard. So take even a closer look at this pic.. notice how the guys are all lined up from tallest to shortest.. except Dwight's kinda breakin that rule being in the front.. and then there's Coach K conveniently sitting in front of Dwight covering his shoes. Oh and Dwights got a ball in his arms so he cant put his hands behind his back so instead he covers the swoosh on his shorts.

Ok ok, so this is totally a staged photoshoot. Its totally normal that they work out all these details. The point i wanna make is that Adidas only has Dwight to rep their kicks.. one shoe.. and what do they give him? Dang fugly clunkers is what. Actually they're called Rapid Bounce Olympic PEs. Even the name is wack. When I saw Dwight runnin down the court with these on it looked like he was wearin his dad's shoes from the 80s.. but not in a good way like Sheed and his AF1s... more like what Napoleon Dynamite's uncle would wear playing football by himself.

I'm thinkin.. Adidas, WTF are you doin?! I had to get a closer look. Okay, so the Rapid Bounce look a lil better up close and they have Bounce technology (of course) in the rearfoot midsole. I wouldn't say i have a problem with that.. the rear midsole and heel area look interesting.... its the upper.. it still looks MAD WACK. That and whoever coloured these backward shoes up are just as backward. Seriously.. rather than makin him feel SUPER, i think these k
icks are making Dwight feel DEPRESSED. its a
ffecting his game! he looks kinda sad over there in Beijing... while all the other stars are gettin 2-3 different versions of shoes to wear, Dwight's stuck with these sad joints. Come on Adidas go to China and surprise super man with some super sneaks!

He would even be better off his his all-star kicks.. the Bounce Artillery.


Norman Yeung said...

I have to admit that I know almost nothing about basketball and my knowledge of sneakers ended with Hexalite and Black Tops, but I find your blog super entertaining and fascinating. For reals.

nebsE said...

I just wanna point out that there happens to be a nike swoosh on the top of his jersey like everyone elses. Not sure if this means anything, but just questioning if it really is a cover up...