Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How you like dem Apples?

Last night LJ and the Cavs paid a visit to Madison Square Garden to face off (apologize for the hockey terminology, I'm Canadian I can't help it) against the Knicks. MSG as you may know is an incredible arena and Lebron as with many other athletes have expressed their enjoyment playing there. So decides to commemorate this occasion by giving Lebron another VI.. the Big Apple VI. I guess there aren't enough versions of the VI already out there (sarcasm intended). Don't get me wrong, I happen to like the VIs.. they may even be the best Zoom Lebrons to date. Anyway.. I thought these juicy red ones to be quite special and thought I should make a post about them. Oh and to make this post a lil more interesting.. Beyonce, Jay-Z were at the game... oh and Spike Lee was rockin his own pair of Big Apples.

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