Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kobe IV Official Unveiling

I'm a lil late on this, but here we go... 

Kobe and Eric Avar collaborated on this project with the goals of creating the lightest performance basketball shoe ever made in a low-cut profile, with faster response time making Kobe's cuts to the hoop that much quicker. The Kobe IV weighs in at only 11.6 ounces.. significantly lighter than the previous strongest/lightest shoe, the "Hyperdunk."

Here's some info from

The game of basketball is evolving to a quicker pace, and as basketball’s agent of change Kobe is leading the charge in breakthrough innovation. For his fourth signature shoe, he demanded a shoe that was lowcut and even lighter than the revolutionary Nike Hyperdunk (13 ounces).“When I first asked for the lightest basketball shoe Nike has ever created, particularly a low top, you could have heard a pin drop in the room,” said Bryant. “The shoe the Nike design team delivered raises the basketball footwear bar to the next level.”

Nike Performance Footwear Creative Director Eric Avar accepted the unconventional challenge to create a low cut performance basketball shoe for one of the most dynamic players in the world.

In order to create an extremely light shoe that allows Kobe to make cuts on a dime while providing stability and comfort, Avar built on the design innovation of the Nike Hyperdunk, using Flywire, a performance architecture that uses thin and very strong nylon fibers to support the foot, in the upper. He added LunarLite foam in the forefoot, the most innovative cushioning system since Nike Air, which returns energy upon every step rather than absorbing energy. He also added a Nike Zoom unit in the heel, and a full-length Phylon midsole.

“The idea to create a low cut performance shoe came from Kobe, but the evidence we needed to move forward, came from working with the Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL),” said Avar. “At the lab, we were able to review Kobe making high speed cuts in slow-motion capture video. Every frame showed that the low profile shoe allowed him to make sharper cuts, while increasing responsiveness.”

And here is the awkward webcast interview that took place on the day of the announcement:

Interesting how the concept of the outsole design came from Venom of Spiderman... and how Kobe explains the stickiness of that alien taking over the body and becoming one with the person.. and thus Kobe's need of a shoe that becomes one with the person. Too bad this interview is so awkward otherwise there were some interesting points that were made.

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