Friday, December 19, 2008

TS BOUNCE Commander

Lets take a break from the Kobe IV bananza... here we have the launch of the Adidas TS BOUNCE Commander.. which I suppose is a suped up version of the TS Commander? I'm going to hate on these.. they're FUGLY. Ok ok, I admit there are some really nice design elements to this shoe, I like that they've added the BOUNCE technology to a big man shoe, the medial side of the midsole/outsole is super interesting and the overall upper with the square perforations is quite nice. Now, with the large midfoot strap and the lateral outrigger... I totally understand the functionality of these elements, but how they were applied really bothers me. The midfoot strap looks to be the cop out solution.. hmm.. we need a big strap.. okay.. since its so big.. there's enough room for some branding... uugghh.. FUGLY. And with the lateral outrigger.. well.. it looks out of place. thats just an ugly shape to go with this shoe. Just when Adidas was starting to win me over with the Creator and the Commander.. they go back to these geeky techy designs. Theres a right way and a wrong way to do futuristic.. this is the wrong way.

Cool commercial though:

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