Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I caught this on the Discovery Channel years ago, wondered if I could find it online and voila!!.. its on Youtube! Of course it is! The sound isnt great.. but its worth pumping up the volume to listen to the commentating. The egg experiment is awesome!! I remember way back when I worked for Superstar (athletic footwear and apparel store) Jay, the Asics rep came by for a Product Knowledge meeting. One of the things he showed us was a big slab of Asics Gel much like the one used in this video. He also had a pieces of glass about the same size and a hammer. He then proceeded to put the gel on top of the glass and challenged any one of us to slam the hammer down on the gel as an attempt to break the glass. Of course, no one could do it. I was a believer after I saw that. Gels and Silicones just disperse the shock like nothing else.

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