Friday, October 24, 2008


When I first heard of PEAK, I wanted to have absolutely no preconceived notions of the brand.. you know give them a fair shot. I wanted to believe that a new performance basketball shoe brand could come outta China and come up with some innovative sh*t.  Welp.. so far, they've leaving me with a BRUTAL first impression. Check out these straight rip-offs that PEAK has not only gotten away with, but have also managed to put on NBA feet. 
The Wade 2.0 impostor is the funniest one to me. Shane Battier actually strapped those suckers on as his very own signature shoes. That's HILARIOUS. It's absolutely amazing to me that a company that is producing fakes essentially is making it. Aren't there laws that prevent this from happening? Absolutely shameless in my opinion... but maybe they're okay with that.. and obviously J-Kidd and Shane Battier don't have a problem with it either. In some ways its kinda like how an artist starts out.. by biting other more successful artists' steez or perhaps its like a music producer rippin an ol skool beat and making it their own. Look how successful Diddy is! Perhaps this is a way to make a starting point, I can't help but think its f*ckin WACK, but watch out I don't think PEAK is going away anytime soon.

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