Friday, September 12, 2008

Ol Skool Performance?

Along with all the hybrids Jordan Brand has been coming out with over the past few years, they've also been pushing another segment that has flown a bit under the radar amongst the Jordan Head purists, but evidently have done really well in terms of sales. Some in these segment might have hybrid intentions, such as the .5 series (the in-betweens of the Jordan line) but overall these shoes are newly designed from ground up. I'm not even sure what to call this segment, but what I see Jordan Brand trying to accomplish is taking old design elements and silhouettes from existing Jordan shoes and updating them with new materials, construction and technology. The result is an ol skool look with the performance of today's basketball shoes. Not a bad idea. I can't say I'm a fan of what they've released thus far with this approach, but if you're a Jordan fan looking for an entry level bball shoe to ball in, then these might be the shoes for you? Seen above are the Air Jordan 2.5 and the Air Jordan Old School

I think Adidas should take this approach. They seem to be completely lost when it comes to their direction in their basketball line. When I think of Adidas and its strengths, I think of heritage, clean lines and hip hop. Thats plenty to work from. Yes, we've seen the Superstar updated in several different ways, but come on.. its time to let go of the shell toe. Lets see a Hyper-toe.

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