Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Peak Performance?

Alright, I know I'm late on this, but wtf is PEAK? I've tried digging and googling this brand, but all I can find is a company that formerly made Nike knockoffs and reports of Peak and the NBA making some partnership agreements last year. And wtf is J Kidd doin? Leaving the almighty swoosh for some strange Chinese brand? No offense to the Chinese of course.... I love team China! And well of course, they make the majority of the shoes that I love. So I dont have any doubts that PEAK has the ability to produce high performance shoes for a high performance athlete like Jason Kidd, but what I do question is the sports culture, design culture and marketing culture. I can already tell by looking at these shoes on J's feet that they're missing the mark.

Shane Battier also wears PEAK.

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