Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Reebok ATR Talkin Krazy

Not bad Reebok. Not bad. Good lookin shoe with an interesting story. I like it.

Quoted from kixandthecity:

Although we are now eight years into the new millennium, Reebok's new Talkin Krazy plays on a longstanding Basketball tradition that traces back to the middle of the last century and is still viable today. Before PEs, player logos, SMUs, etc. during the days when the Chuck Taylor and PF Flyers ruled the court, many creative Basketball players would write on their sneakers to customize them and to give them a personality. Players would write messages, their uniform number, inspirational quotes, and much more. The Reebok Talkin Krazy features a Dry Erase upper that allows players to write on their sneaker, with the supplied pen, and wipe it off with their finger instantly for a new message the next game. Tech wise the Reebok ATR features Reebok's DMX technology and a cushioned sock liner.

The Reebok Talkin Krazy is available now exclusively at Champs Sports.

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