Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Air Tech Challenge Hybrids

Some interesting images have shown up of this upcoming franken project. Andre Agassi's Air Tech Challenge series is following suit to the previous success of all the Jordan hybrids and the not yet released but hyped up 1/2 Cent (Penny Hardaway's hybrid). If this trend continues.. I wonder... are they going to have an SC hybrid.. does BO KNOW HYBRIDS? Or how bout some Glove hybrids? It probably won't be too far from now that we start seeing Lebron brids... or Kobe brids.

Friday, September 26, 2008

KAWS x Marc Jacobs

Very interesting collab. I like it! I think the overly male dominant streetwear culture and its artists/designers should do more collaborations with women's fashion and accessories. It works! I also have a confession to make.. I like looking at women's shooes! Especially heels. Christian Louboutin is one of my heroes.

Quoted from hypebeast:

Hooking up with the artist KAWS, Marc Jacobs celebrates its 10th anniversary with a pair of ballet flats for the ladies. The flats feature a black patent leather upper with the trademark KAWS detailing including stitched teeth throughout the bottoms and the traditional “XX” icon. Limited to only 150 pairs worldwide, colette in Paris, OriginalFake in Tokyo as well as the Marc Jacobs flagship stores in the US and London will be the only stores to see a release scheduled for this coming Monday, September 29th.

Creative Rec Fall/Winter 08

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is Dwayne unhappy with Converse?

Interesting article posted on sole collector:

words_Nick DePaula

Apparently money doesn’t solve everything, as there’s rumblings throughout the sneaker landscape that Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade is a little sour on his current deal with Converse, where he has been given an annual signature shoe, apparel line and casual shoe line. As it turns out, maybe that’s not enough?

If you recall, it was brilliant of Wade to leverage the tremendous success he had while leading the young Miami Heat during his first two years in the league. He was fresh off of taking the Heat to the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs while wearing the Converse Icon Warrior, and he and his agent were able to actually restructure his original contract with Converse. Restructuring rarely happens in the world of endorsement deals, but they approached Converse with the threat that Wade would look elsewhere once his original contract expired. Converse had no other choice but to pull in their lawyers and strike a new deal. Marking quite a monetary leap from his original $400,000 yearly deal, the renegotiated sum netted Wade $10 Million annually, and is set to expire in 2012. In 2010, DWade might also be opting out of his Miami Heat maximum contract and looking for a new home, with early rumors leading to his childhood team in the Chicago Bulls or the bright lights of New York City where Mike D’Antoni coaches a style he’s in love with. (Little defense/major offense seems like an easy sell for the Knicks.)

The seven-year deal Wade signed in 2005, similar in value to the deals Nike’s Kevin Durant and Jordan Brand’s Carmelo Anthony recently signed over the past year, also included incentives on the sales of his casual clothing line. But, in a recent interview with reporter Ken Berger from Newsday, Wade seemed hardly excited about his current status as the face of Converse, as when asked if he liked his current shoe and pictured himself long-term with Converse, he simply said, “I’m under contract for another couple of years.”

After Nike bought Converse in July of 2003, just weeks after Dwyane Wade was drafted fifth overall in the NBA Draft, it appeared as though they would position him as the franchise player for Converse, with LeBron James leading the future of Nike Basketball and Carmelo Anthony doing so for Jordan Brand. If it turns out that Wade wants to bolt, where would he end up? Is he the right fit for Jordan Brand? Do you see him leaving for a Swoosh competitor like adidas or Reebok, or even entertaining the temptation of a Chinese footwear brand like Li Ning, where he had tremendous success in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back To The McFly

Zoom Tre AD McFlys??!! For all of us who missed out on the McFly Hyperdunks, these better not be LIMITED. Love the Shoe, love the application. They're supposed to be released Holiday 08.

Gold Rail SB Dunks

Some nice lookin SBs. SBs of recent have had some strange sources of inspiration (such as the shoe goo dunks) but I think they're back on track with this one...

Quoted from Hypebeast:

More photos have surfaced regarding the Melbourne exclusive Nike SB Dunk Low, the “Gold Rail”. Inspired by the iconic Flinders Street Station and its gold rail, the shoe features a multi-material upper with canvas, suede and mesh. The colors were allegedly chosen based on the Port Phillip Bay (varsity royal blue) and the brown midsole representing the Yarra River. Available in October at all fine Melbourne Nike SB dealers.

Air Jordan I Low Phat Blacks

Better picks of the AJ1 Low Phats have hit the net. The black colourway seems to be a front runner favourite amongst sneakerheads. The Low Phats have also been marketed for the skate culture... with the AJ1 already having clout in this market, its no surprise Jordan Brand is using this classic for this purpose. There are no reports of any technological modifications to cater to the skateboarder's needs, other than a padded tongue.

Reebok ATR Talkin Krazy

Not bad Reebok. Not bad. Good lookin shoe with an interesting story. I like it.

Quoted from kixandthecity:

Although we are now eight years into the new millennium, Reebok's new Talkin Krazy plays on a longstanding Basketball tradition that traces back to the middle of the last century and is still viable today. Before PEs, player logos, SMUs, etc. during the days when the Chuck Taylor and PF Flyers ruled the court, many creative Basketball players would write on their sneakers to customize them and to give them a personality. Players would write messages, their uniform number, inspirational quotes, and much more. The Reebok Talkin Krazy features a Dry Erase upper that allows players to write on their sneaker, with the supplied pen, and wipe it off with their finger instantly for a new message the next game. Tech wise the Reebok ATR features Reebok's DMX technology and a cushioned sock liner.

The Reebok Talkin Krazy is available now exclusively at Champs Sports.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adidas Originals Fall 08 "Clean" Pack

I recently picked up a couple pairs of the Gazelles all "cleaned" out and I love em. Adidas gettin rid of the three stripes is a GREAT IDEA. So fresh so clean. As my good friend Vincent says, they're like the "poor man's Common Projects."

Jordan's for old people.

HAHAAHAHA!!! wtf??

This is the real deal. Someone over at JB is gettin re-tarded.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jordan 1 Low Phat

These are coming your way SOON. They come in the black colour up too.

Release Date: 09/27/2008
Name: Air Jordan 1 Low Phat
Colors: White/Varsity Red-Black-Cement Grey
Price: $95

Supra Vaider - Tiffany Snakeskin

These are on everyone else's blog... thought they should be on mine too.

J's In The Near Future

Some upcoming releases from Jordan Brand. Nice to see the Jumpman Pro make a return, the AFJ20s are darn funky (woops! sorry Norm!) I mean they're umm.. weird? unexpectedly good looking? a little bit shocking to look at? they make my head tilt sideways. Gotta love the Jordan 1 colours coming out.

Jordan 6 Rings Laser

Whadyua think?


Monday, September 15, 2008

Air Max 90 Current

The upper is one piece fabric and inspired by the Nike+ Moire.

Air Penny II re-released.

Due for a late September release are the retroed Air Penny II. I remember busting up my ankles good in these.

Nike Air HyperMax

Lightweight shoes for the big men. I was wondering how Carlos Boozer was playing on just Lunar Foam and no other cushioning technology. He must of been crushing dem midsoles. I still wonder how long Lunar Foam is supposed to last for big NBA players. Ish must be dang resilient. It'd be interesting to see a long-term wear test on the Hyperdunks.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ol Skool Performance?

Along with all the hybrids Jordan Brand has been coming out with over the past few years, they've also been pushing another segment that has flown a bit under the radar amongst the Jordan Head purists, but evidently have done really well in terms of sales. Some in these segment might have hybrid intentions, such as the .5 series (the in-betweens of the Jordan line) but overall these shoes are newly designed from ground up. I'm not even sure what to call this segment, but what I see Jordan Brand trying to accomplish is taking old design elements and silhouettes from existing Jordan shoes and updating them with new materials, construction and technology. The result is an ol skool look with the performance of today's basketball shoes. Not a bad idea. I can't say I'm a fan of what they've released thus far with this approach, but if you're a Jordan fan looking for an entry level bball shoe to ball in, then these might be the shoes for you? Seen above are the Air Jordan 2.5 and the Air Jordan Old School

I think Adidas should take this approach. They seem to be completely lost when it comes to their direction in their basketball line. When I think of Adidas and its strengths, I think of heritage, clean lines and hip hop. Thats plenty to work from. Yes, we've seen the Superstar updated in several different ways, but come on.. its time to let go of the shell toe. Lets see a Hyper-toe.