Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yes yes, it seems as though i can't stop writing about those darn Hyperdunks, but what can i say, i haven't been this excited about a release since probably the original Foam Ones. Anyway, i want to back track a little here and post these videos about Flywire technology from the Nike Beijing 2008 Innovation Summit held at the Nike World HQ. Absolutely amazing stuff in my opinion.

What's really got me amped is that its a new technology thats NOT about the midsole and cushioning. Every performance footwear company in the past 30 years has been trying to figure out the best possible cushioning system.. from air, gels, hydroflow?, hexagonal forms, a cantilever system and several types of foams... TECH has always been about midsole midsole midsole. Unless you talk to the Fila rep, he'll tell you all the tech is in the LACES (sorry.. inside joke). There has of course been attempts at new technology in the upper.. such as Reebok's Pump and the Foamposite series of course, but i truly believe that there has not been a technology innovation for athletic footwear uppers as successful and makes as much sense as Flywire.


. said...

Dude you need to make a separate post in dedication to all the different technologies. Does the Torsion actually work? Really? What's up with ERS? Aren't they just tubes? Why did Reebok abandon DMX shoes? Questions like this needs to be addressed.


Rich said...

yes.. for sure! i agree... in due time. i'm just trying to make some quick posts for now.... feel like i have too much on my plate to get all the proper research done and make "proper" posts.

fast and easy to start.. so that it gets started.

but you're right.. all that gravy excites me.. but i want to get my facts straight first.