Friday, July 11, 2008

Zoom Kobe 4: First Look

Here's a sneak peak at Kobe's next signature shoe to be release in January of 09. First thing you probably notice is that they're LOW CUT! Its a bit surprising since most modern high performance basketball shoes made for taller shooting guards and forwards are higher cut.. but i gotta say, i really like that Nike and Kobe decided to go this way. I really can't entirely agree with the direction of the previous ZKs, but one thing is for sure.. Nike has kept us on our toes with this line.

The first Zoom Kobe is definitely nice to look at. Perhaps a bit bulky, but i've heard it plays well and is quite comfortable.

ZK2 my least favourite of the bunch, just looks like they ran outta ideas for this one. Looks like uninspired design. There's nothing new on this shoe that gets me excited. I love bright coloured midsoles tho, so the yellow midsole on this colourway does kinda touch my heart a bit.

ZK3.. I definitely applaud Nike for this one. When i saw these the first time.. i thought to myself... FINALLY.. we're starting to look into the future again. 
When first looking at this shoe.. its got that love/hate quality about them. They could look ugly at first appearance, but they can also grow on you. When a sneaker can do that, there's definitely something right about the design.. shocking at first, but undeniable beautiful design lines prevail. I don't think there was as big of a risk as these joints since Adidas' attempt at Kobe's signatures... but unfortunately the world wasn't ready for that one... and still might not be ready.

Zk4s are telling a story. These kicks kinda look plain and almost have a
 throw back appearance to them, but there's reason for that. Kobe lived in Italy for a portion of his childhood. He's fluent in Italian and has a love for soccer. Apparently he still plays in the summer 
as an alternate training method, he says it helps with his footwork. So, you get the idea right? At second look, it started to make sense. They definitely look like indoor soccer shoes. And then.. the emblem on the tongue is a dead giveaway. Its an appropriation from the Torino Football Club crest. Pretty cool concept indeed. Oh, and oh yeah.. they of course make use of Flywire tech.

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