Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Another much anticipated release are these Nike Air Yeezys. There's been a ton of banter concerning these shoes.. and with just as much praise of how they look, there's been plenty of hating. Say whatchu will about them.. but it really is a dream team type of collabo. Like when Jordan and Tinker got together... only this time the star is also the designer. Kanye is super artistic and drew these bad boys himself. When was the last time Nike let a hip hop star design his own shoes?? Jordan doesn't even do that... well.. he gets to have input and such.. but he's not the one putting pencil to paper. The Air Yeezy deserves respect.

If you look closely at the midsole, you'll probably notice that its the AJ3/Air Revolution midsole. So Ye didn't exactly start from scratch.. but hey.. you try designing an upper.

No one really knows the release date.. but Ye himself says they droppin in November in this freestyle. If you cant listen through the whole thing.. i think they start talkin bout Nikes at around the 6:40 mark.


Luis said...

Hola!, me pase por aca, muy bueno este blog, me gusto, cuando tengas tiempo pasate por el mio cuando gustes, saludos, que andes bien


. said...

LL Cool J got a Troop show, I dunno if he designed it though.


Rich said...

Jay-Z and 50 Cent have there own shoes too... but i really dont think they opened up their sketch books.