Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Under Pressure

Remember these? Another shoe i WISH nike would bring back. A prime example of the risks that nike takes in footwear design and the very reason why i love them so much. These things were just so NUTTY back in the day.. i don't think anyone could afford them actually, but its all about making a statement. Reebok had released their original "The Pump" beforehand, but Nike's Air pressure design lines are far more pleasing and superior.. taking the design forward. I also remember Mark Jackson sportin them as game shoes... friggen nuts.. a point guard rockin MASSIVE BOOTS. The upper looks sleak and sexy, but the whole pump gizmo at the back of the ankle area must make these shoes dang heavy like wearing ankle weights or sumthin.  Not that it matters NOW... BRING EM BACK Nike!!!

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