Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Dang, these joints bring me back to grade 6! I never understood the 2 different colours in the midsole.. the grey in the heel and white in the forefoot. I remember that they were definitely 2 different types of foam.. perhaps dual density. But this would not make sense if they were trying to make a motion control shoe. Perhaps the grey area simply encapsulated the air unit... both indicating this aesthetically and optimizing the use of the air unit using a different foam.. thus improving the heel strike and giving the runner an overall plusher ride. OK.. that was a bunch of BULL!! I just remember loving the colour scheme (wht/grey/blue) and the grey part of the midsole made this shoe interesting.. it always made me want to press into it.. and even cut into it.. cuz i wanted to know what the air inside looked like. AIR was just so darn NEW and AMAZING back then.
The retros will be releasing early next year.

Here's a pic of the OGs.

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